Madeena Bedding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd

Madeena Bedding Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is a company that specializes in manufacturing mattresses. Our production factory is situated in Semenyih, Selangor, Malaysia. In addition to mattresses, we also offer a variety of other bedding products such as pillows, toppers, protectors, and so on. The main purpose of our factory's existence is to raise awareness about the importance of quality bedding products that are free from "rebond" materials. Therefore, our company will strive to ensure that our mattresses are pure, safe, clean, and free from doubtful substances.

Explore Madeena New Collections

Explore Madeena New Collections
Explore Madeena New Collections

Why Madeena?

Why Madeena? Comply with the Islam Shariah guidelines

Why Madeena? Quality, clean and ‘suci’ ingredients

Why Madeena? Ensure the product is free from rebond foam which is harmful to health

Why Madeena? Prioritizing good manufacturing practices (GMP)

Why Madeena? Ensure the product is free from ingredients shubhah

No Recycle Foam No Recycle Foam

No Rebond Foam No Rebond Foam

Suci Guarantee Suci Guarantee

Tips To Choose A Great Mattress

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Special designed to relieve pressure points. A special, extra-durable to give the correct firmness amount to the Chubby/Fluffy/Plus Size. This memory foam layer provides ergonomic cushioning, the transition layer has a higher IFD to properly support bigger body types. Additional support for stability.

Latex Foam

Latex Foam

Latex-foam provides an inclusive medium-firm feel. Building the right type of mattress with layers that prevent sinkage, contour to sleepers, and strengthen the correct sleep position for plus size sleepers is important.

Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring

Pocket spring coils for the best blend and balance of comfort and support. This is because pocket spring coil mattresses designed for contouring your body. As an overweight or obese person, you need this contouring to feel comfortable before and during sleep around the uneven distribution of body mass.